Summerfun 2017 Schedule

Mini Camp:  June 26 – 30
8:30 – 3:30pm

Summerfun Session 1:  July 3 – 14
8:30 – 3:30pm

Summerfun Session 2:  July 17 – 28
8:30 – 3:30pm

Note: There is no camp on July 4

The Common School Summerfun programs keep kids physically active and intellectually engaged. Morning programs require a 5 day per week commitment. Afternoon programs are available part-time (fewer than 5 days a week). Participants of both the morning and afternoon sessions bring a lunch to eat while they enjoy recess from 12:00 – 12:30.

MINI CAMP            $300.00
June 26 – 30
8:30 – 3:30pm

Forest Playground
Age 3 – 7

We will spend our day exploring the forest, learning about our local environment, listening to nature stories and playing in nature. Spending time in nature develops a relationship with the natural world, encourages us to care about our world, and helps cognitive development and problem solving skills. It is also fun! We will leave time for stories and water play.

Wild Wonders: A Writing, Journaling and Nature Art Workshop
Age 8 – 12

We will use nature as a backdrop to create imaginative stories about the lives of the wildlife and plant life around us and how they work together. Our class will put together nature journals that document our ideas, sketch plants and animals we see in the forest, and reflect on our experiences in nature. We will also work on art projects using natural materials.

July 3 – 14 and July 17 – 28
8:30 – 12:00 noon

Down on the Farm
Age 3 – 4

We will run two sections of this ever-popular program!

At Bramble Hill Farm, just a short walk through the woods from The Common School, we will explore day-to-day life with Farmer Hans. We will mix our visits with related projects, music and drama. Each day will also include plenty of time for sand and water play, block building, and time outside in our wading pools and slip ‘n slide.

Ecosystem Adventures
Age 5 – 7

We will run two sections of this ever-popular program!

Come explore the ecosystems in and around our school including pond and stream life, forest flora and fauna, field habitats and local birds. Using The Common School’s ground, Larch Hill conservation area and Bramble Hill Farm as our laboratory, we will visit, study and research in each of these habitats and then reflect on them through artistic activities. We will study the relationship and inter-dependence between the flora and fauna within each environment. We will ask: Who lives here? What makes this a good habitat for them? What other organisms do they need for food or shelter? What organisms rely on them? how is the access to water, food or climate different in each ecosystem? Each day will also include free play, stories and games.

July 3 – 14  and  July 17 – 28
8:30 – 12:00 noon

Filmmaking in Nature
Age 8 – 12

There will be 2 two-week sessions of this program. Students may register for one or both.

Students will learn the basics of filmmaking through the creation of short films about the natural world. Students will work in small groups to co-create their own theme and then learn the basics of film production and editing. They might film a mini-documentary about the life of squirrels, a day in the forest, or an imaginary adventure in nature. There will be plenty of room for students to get creative.

Shiprock and Anchordog
Age 8 – 12

There will be 2 two-week sessions of this program. Students may register for one or both.

Students work on co-creating a rock musical with local musician Evan Curran, creator of Shiprock and Anchordog, a locally grown multi-media arts project that emphasizes community, inclusion, and building bridges instead of walls. We will write, rehearse and stage a show over a period of two weeks. Everyone is welcome, both new and experienced actors, musicians, dancers and artists. Students will receive CDs to practice with, and comic books that tell the origin story of Shiprock and Anchordog: two dogs who have traveled the world and the galaxy to find themselves a place to call home.

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