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B.A., Hampshire College

Started at The Common School:


Outside interests:

Art, Music, Movies, Gaming

What brought you to The Common School?

I became aware of The Common School while studying at Hampshire College and have since then been amazed by the overwhelming positive reputation of the school and its continued commitment to social justice, inclusion, and sustainable practices.

Tell us about a favorite teaching moment at The Common School:

A lot of my favorite teaching moments happen on the playground, one of them was when a student spent a long time sitting in a wagon waiting for someone to pull her. That student was feeling shy that day and was having trouble asking others to play with her, but she was very patient and didn’t mind waiting. Eventually a student came and pulled her in the wagon for a little while and then went off to another activity. Afterwards another student came and pulled her a little further. This continued for the entire outdoor play time with different students doing the pulling and by the end of the morning our student in the wagon had completed several laps around the playground. It was such a great moment to see one of our more shy and reticent students be able to have many interactions with several students throughout the morning in a way that felt comfortable and doable for her. Simply giving that student the time, and space, to have meaningful and thought provoking interactions with her peers through an activity of her choosing felt tremendously valuable and informative for both the student, and myself as one of her teachers.

What do you like best about The Common School?

What I like best about The Common School is that indepence, personal growth, and creativity are not only valued and encouraged but are actively fostered through a dynamic and explorative approach to early childhood education.