Singing Bluebird
Planting at Bramble Hill Farm

Mere words cannot express

The Common School teachers put learning into action with words that jump off the page and become memorable experiences. Teachers get down on their knees to help students construct model bridges in math, act out stories at reading time, and get messy mixing paint or kneading dough during science.

It is through our teachers’ creative spirit and unwavering dedication to each individual child that our students learn the joys of discovery.

Faculty & Staff

Did you know that young children today have 30 percent fewer face-to-face interactions than the previous generation? The Common School mission works against this trend. Our small size allows faculty members and staff to fully know each child—their individual strengths, dreams, and challenges.

“Teachers at The Common School combine decades of experience and unfettered passion with a unified commitment to their mission of progressive education. This level of unity and sense of purpose, direction, and community is one I have not witnessed at other schools.”

These words, by a newcomer to the school, touch on what is special about our faculty and our community. Teachers and staff genuinely respect each other and are eager to collaborate. In this atmosphere, teachers feel encouraged to continuously evaluate their curricula, be creative, and try new things. And by example, students learn to work together in noncompetitive groups to achieve new successes. Here, you’ll find a school abuzz with the enthusiasm of children happily engaged with their teachers in active learning.