JEAN MEISTER (she/her/hers)
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B.A., Barnard College
M.S.., Bank Street College of Education

Started at The Common School:


Outside interests:

Sourdough bread baking and vegetable fermenting, gardening, dance, meditation, spending time exploring the woods and fields around my home

What brought you to The Common School?

I loved The Common School the moment I had my first tour as a teaching candidate. Seeing children in each classroom thoroughly engaged in hands-on, exploratory learning at Choice Time and observing teachers and children relate to each other in a relaxed, mutually respectful manner made a huge impression on me. Teachers at The Common School act as facilitators and co-learners and this makes me feel I am “home.”

Tell us about a favorite teaching moment at The Common School:

Any rainy day, especially when there is mud and lots of puddles and rivers on the playground and the children are completely uninhibited, engaged and joyful. When I witness these moments of deep connection to the earth, despite the societal trend towards a division between childhood and nature, I am filled with optimism about the future health of our earth.

What do you like best about The Common School?

The ethic of concern and caring I witness each day throughout the entire community: child to child; faculty/staff to child and parent; faculty/staff to each other. This is deeply entwined for me with the firm commitment so many in this community share to co-create an equitable, anti-bias community of learners.