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B.A., Westfield State University

Started at The Common School:


Outside interests:

Reading, Theater, Yoga, Sewing, Cats

What brought you to The Common School?

My first interaction with the Common School was as a student. I started out in the Green Nursery and graduated from E2 in 2007.  I remember sitting in the Green Nursery and deciding I wanted to be a teacher because of the dedication and work of my own teacher.  The Common School influenced a lot of my teaching philosophy and practices.  After graduating from Westfield State in 2018 I came across a job opening at the Common School. I felt that this could be a great opportunity to leave an impact on the lives of my students similar to the impact that my Common School teachers have had an impact on me.

Tell us about a favorite teaching moment at The Common School:

I had a really difficult time learning math as a child.  The other day I was working with my group of math students with base ten pieces.  We were working through different addition scenarios when one of my students said, “Math is just so much fun! Can we do math all day?” It makes me so happy when my group is able to learn math and laugh along the way.

What do you like best about The Common School?

One of the things I love about The Common School is the sense of community.  It is really great that kids throughout the school get to know each other and connect through whole school events like Big Sing, Halloween, and the Pumpkin Harvest.  I love getting to see the kids of different ages have significant interactions with each other.