Singing Bluebird

Our Mission

To engage students in a transformative, progressive education that cultivates a love of learning, critical thinking, compassion for others, and a deep commitment to social justice and the environment.

Our values include…

Joyful Learning

  • Students learn through wonder, discovery, play, and meaningful instruction in a nurturing environment
  • Teachers value students as unique individuals, encouraging them to take risks in their learning, developing their voice and sense of self

In-depth Study

  • Instruction centers on integrated, thematic curricula, designed to amplify meaningful connections across diverse subject areas
  • Children foster a deep understanding by making connections through authentic, creative, hands‐on experiences across all areas of the curriculum

Social Awareness

  • Our curriculum actively encourages students to confront bias, embrace multiple perspectives, cherish our differences and similarities, and challenge stereotypes
  • We strive to develop a sense of social responsibility through cooperative learning, service within our community, and informed action in the broader world

Care for the Environment

  • Students develop a shared sense of stewardship and environmental literacy
  • Through place‐based learning, students find daily opportunity for exploration and play on 140 acres of farm, woods, ponds, gardens, and conservation lands

Our Graduates become…

Confident and impassioned learners

Constructive, creative problem solvers

Compassionate, courageous, and responsible members of our society

Committed stewards of the environment