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B.A., Hampshire College
Study Abroad on Gender & Sexuality in The Netherlands and Morocco
Ongoing continuing education at the School of American Thanatology

Started at The Common School:

After School, 2012-2015
E1 and After School 2021

Outside interests:

Genealogy, carpentry, visual and fiber arts, and researching the world around me.

What brought you to The Common School?

I was lucky enough my first year of college to have a TA who was graduating and looking to pass the job to someone else in our Intro to Art Education class. I got hooked on how cute and kind the kids were and how beautiful the nature and playgrounds are.


Tell us about a favorite teaching moment at The Common School:

I collaborated with Librarian Kristin and Social Justice Teacher Dr. J to bring E1 a very animated reading of “Consent for Kids” by Rachel Brian. By the end of the kickoff read aloud the kids were groaning that school was over and begged for it to continue! I don’t think a teacher can ask for more than that.

Holly and Sofie continued to facilitate the book in reading groups and we worked with the kids to develop puppet skits and posters to present to P2 and display through school. It was such a pleasure to co-teach them a foundation of real world skills they can build on and use interpersonally from now until forever. I’m so proud of them.

What do you like best about The Common School?

I really enjoy getting to know the kids. I love having unstructured moments where we can discuss what they’re interested in and I get to teach them about solar power or gemstones or normalize diverse family dynamics.