We envision all that can be accomplished if we have the foresight, imagination, and boldness of the founding families who laid the groundwork for meaningful elementary education.


Why does The Common School need a new classroom building?

The existing Wing is a 40-year-old structure that has outlived its usefulness. It was built quickly in order to meet immediate needs, but was never intended to last for decades. The new building that will replace this structure will be modern, energy efficient, and built for the future. The building’s design will allow for the potential of adding two more classrooms in time.

Will the Big Room Building be renovated?

Classroom spaces in the Big Room Building will undergo modest renovations in order to prepare for use by our Music and other special programs. A music room with convenient access to the Big Room will allow for student groups of varied sizes, and provide easy access to instruments.

Why now?

The challenges of our facilities have been longstanding. Improvements are long overdue. Our 50th anniversary inspired us to look back, as well as forward. In so doing, the Board resolved that for our proud legacy to continue, we must address our physical plant needs immediately.

Do other independent schools have special campaigns?

Like most independent schools, The Common School is undertaking this campaign to realize the long-term goal of a new classroom building. Capital campaigns typically last more than a year with gifts and pledges made over a three to five year period. The 50th Anniversary Fund will also support  the Annual Fund, which provides funds to offset the School’s day-to-day operating expenses.

How much will a new classroom building cost?

The Common School is committed to raising $1 million over the next two years to support the new classroom building. The Board of Trustees has examined several financing options, which take into account the need to have diverse types of funding in place for a project of this scope, such as bank financing and in-kind gifts of construction materials and services.

How do I learn more about the School’s building project?

As building plans progress, we will update these web pages with exciting news and images. In the meantime, feel free to contact Head of School Christine Lindeman or Director of Advancement Pamela Barnes for more information.