Common School Community

Middle School: Williston Northampton 

High School: Home school, dual enrollment at Holyoke Community College

Caroline was a star on her local high school’s softball team, was busy with a capella and choral groups, drum corps/color guard, and was drawn increasingly into drama. She was deeply involved in Springfield’s Drama Studio and participated in the highly selective Interlochen Center for the Arts in Michigan. Her experience at Holyoke Community College awakened an interest in deaf education and she has a high level of proficiency in American Sign Language.

College: New York University Tisch School for the Arts ‘24. BFA in Acting 


In her own words: “The Common School taught me that we are all born with a love of learning, a love of touching, discovering, feeling, and creating. I am such a multifaceted learner due to my 9 years at the CS. My curiosity drives me, and I love to dive deep into topics that fascinate me, I love to understand fully. I structured my very personalized high school education to be similar to that of The Common School’s curriculum, and I think it is what led to my success academically, artistically, and as a human being in general. I remember my first common school performance, the itsy bitsy spider, I was too scared to go on, petrified. No one made me go on, I sat with Marcy watching my friends in green nursery perform under beautiful tissue paper animal masks and realized “Why wasn’t I up there!!” That was the last time I ever turned down a chance to create and perform. It can be argued that now you can’t get me off the stage. To The Common School, every aspect of it, thank you. Thank you for shaping me into someone who is ready to take on the challenges of the world in a fresh, curious, and artistic way. Thank you for teaching me how to get up on that stage.”