Message from The Common School Board of Trustees

Greetings from the Common School Board,

As the governing structure of our beloved Common School, the Board of Trustees has been actively engaged in working through the implications of Covid-19 for The Common School, both today and into the future.

In March 2020, we created a Covid-19 Task Force, comprised of Board Members, faculty and staff, to consider issues such as academics, community, communication and finances. As we discussed these important issues, the mission statement and values of The Common School are always central to our deliberations and decisions.

To engage students in a transformative, progressive education that cultivates a love of learning, critical thinking, compassion for others, and a deep commitment to social justice and the environment.

The Board continues to meet on a monthly basis, with many additional meetings and communications, in order to steer The Common School through these challenging times. While the decisions are not always easy, we believe that they will allow The Common School to continue to provide a mission-based experience for our children well into the future.

In closing, we are grateful to our families for their patience and goodwill, and to the hard work of the faculty and staff. We are inspired, though not surprised, to see how faculty, staff, children and families are working together to continue to provide The Common School’s innovative learning in these novel conditions.

With great appreciation and respect,

The Common School Board of Trustees

Chrystal Wittcopp, Chair
Holly Baumgardner, Faculty
Nate Budington, Alumni Parent
Ken Carter, Parent
Nancy Cowen, Grandparent
Tim Diehl, Parent
Sean Glennon, Alumni Parent
Mark Hankowski, Parent
Emily Heaphy, Parent
Geoff Hudson, Parent, Alum ’79
Julli Jaramillo, Parent
Brian Katzman, Parent
Lauren Obregon, Faculty
Paul Wiley, ex-officio